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What is Essential Sound?
The Essential Sound Series (ESS) builds on the ground breaking psychoacoustic research of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001). Known as the “Einstein of the ear,” Tomatis discovered the extraordinary powers of sound as a “nutrient for the nervous system.” His therapeutic discoveries redefine modern psychoacoustics — the study of the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system.
The Essential Sound Series is comprised of four 2-CD packages:
   1. Sound Asleep
   2. Calm
   3. Uplifting
   4. Energy
(30-50 beats per minute)
(50-70 beats per minute)
(60-80 beats per minute)
(90-130 beats per minute)
Additionally, the Professional Series — designed for therapeutic and educational settings — re-sequences selections from ESS for progressive slowing or quickening rhythmic entrainment.
Essential Sound empowers the recuperative process.
ESS is psychoacoustically designed to support compromised immune or nervous system function. When the immune or nervous system is heavily taxed, a natural reaction is to self-limit the amount of auditory or visual stimulation coming into the system. However, the “nutrients” of sound are needed the most when life energy is at a low ebb or when neurodevelopmental issues are present. To facilitate maximum sound intake while conserving energy output, the method of simple sound has been created.
Essential Sound is Simple Sound.
Melodic and harmonic complexity has been minimized by repertoire selection, orchestration, and rearrangement. Solo piano and piano trios provide beautiful, yet easily assimilated sound. Natural principles of resonance (tone), entrainment (rhythm), and auditory pattern identification have been applied. There are no frequency additions or filtrations in these recordings, with the exception of Sound Asleep, which contains binaural frequencies designed by brainwave biofeedback expert, Anna Wise.
The Apollo Chamber Ensemble, featuring Lisa Spector, performs the music of Essential Sound. Joshua Leeds is the creative director and producer.
How Does ESS Work?
From very slow and lulling Sound Asleep to fun, up-tempo Energy, this 8-hour program of newly recorded classical music provides a sound regimen of graduated tempos and progressive compositional complexities. Each level of ESS has been created for specific relaxation and arousal responses.
Psychoacoustic rationale for ESS: Auditory cognition in humans is complex. When exposed to music, our brains methodically analyze every interval, rhythmic nuance, instrumental density, and melodic turn. When we’re young and healthy, we have abundant cerebral processing power to attend to many streams of sensory stimuli — be it sound, sight, touch, or smell. However, as we age, sensory tolerances decrease. When life energy is at a low ebb or when neurodevelopmental issues are present, music and sound can be a valuable source of arousal responses. However, the intricacies of conventional music often are too much for a depleted system to take in; music and sound may become mentally distracting, annoying, and even painful. This may lead to the individual retreating from auditory stimulation, therefore being deprived of sound’s beneficial vibrating effect.
The over-arching psychoacoustic theory informing Essential Sound is summed up in just two words — simple sound. This term refers to the process of minimizing intricate auditory information found in most music. The music of Essential Sound is intentionally selected, arranged and recorded to provide easeful auditory assimilation. Three primary processes are used to accomplish this effect:
1. Auditory Pattern Identification. To create less demanding arrangements, melodic and harmonic complexity has been considered and edited based on the desired relaxation or arousal response. Complexity encourages active listening; simplicity facilitates passive hearing.
2. Orchestral Density. It is far less stressful on the nervous system to differentiate fewer instrumental colors than to interpret a full symphonic score. Therefore, solo piano provides a source of rich, full spectrum frequencies; additionally, duos and trios create a pleasing variety of easily assimilated orchestral colors.
3. Resonance and Entrainment. To enhance mind/body states conducive to healing and wellness, the natural principles of resonance (tone) and entrainment (rhythm) are applied to every composition.
The following questions/answers define terminology used above.
What is ‘active listening’ and ‘passive hearing’?
Auditory pattern identification and orchestral density techniques facilitate the middle-ear processes of active listening or passive hearing. Active listening takes place when the auditory mechanism is fully engaged. This occurs when we cannot find a pattern in the soundtrack, or when we are truly focused on listening. Conversely, the state of passive hearing transpires when we hear sounds around us but don’t pay conscious attention to them. On Essential Sound, passive hearing techniques facilitate relaxation; active listening techniques stimulate the nervous system.
What is resonance?
Resonance is the impact of one vibration upon another, i.e., something external sets something else into motion, or changes its vibratory rate. The palpable vibration of a sound wave has resonant effects upon each of us. According to Dr. Tomatis, high sounds tend to charge the nervous system, whereas lower sounds tend to discharge the nervous system.
What is entrainment and why are beats per minute important?
Due to the natural process of entrainment, the heartbeat, breath, and brainwaves speed up or slow down to match an external periodic rhythm. Fast rhythms excite our pulses; slow rhythms calm us down. Read More...
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