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Therapeutic Applications
Essential Sound is the foundation of a full-spectrum sound archive designed to support recuperation, healing, and maintenance of well-being. Catalogued by beats per minute, density of orchestration, and simplicity of arrangement, ESS allows healthcare and education professionals to access intentional soundwork for varying degrees of nervous system relaxation or arousal.
Essential Sound began testing in hospitals and clinics in February, 2006. Retail release of the series beginss June, 2006.
Sound Asleep      Calm        Uplifting         Energy   
(30-50 bpm)   (50-70 bpm)  (60-80 bpm)  (90-140 bpm)
Orchestral Density
Pattern Identification
—————— to ——————
—————— to ——————
—————— to ——————
—————— to ——————
For further information on the psychoacoustic rationale of ESS, please access What is Essential Sound?, Complete 8-CD Set, and Professional Series.
Recommended environments for Essential Sound
  • Neurodevelopmental clinics: Beginning or ending OT or S/LP sessions
  • Hospitals: Pre-op, surgical theatre, post-op, recovery
  • Healthcare practitioners: Office and treatment room ambience
  • Psychotherapeutic: Office and treatment room ambience
  • Rest and nursing facilities
  • Hospice
  • Homes
The Professional Series takes the concept of entrainment another step forward. These recordings are based on sequences of music from ESS that progressively slow down or speed up. They have been designed for the clinic (30-minute sequences) and classroom (10-minute sequences).
The Essential Sound Professional Series begins with the following four releases. As we gain feedback from practitioners, we create additional sound tools. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated:
Clinical Progressive Entrainment (2-CD set consisting of two 30-minute tracks per album)
Progressive Entrainment 1/Piano        (60 ->100 bpm; 100->60 bpm)
Progressive Entrainment 2/Ensemble   (60->100 bpm; 100->60 bpm)
Classroom Progressive Entrainment (2-CD set consisting of twelve 10-minute tracks per album)
Progressive Entrainment 7/Piano            (100->70 bpm)
Progressive Entrainment 8/Ensemble      (100->70 bpm)
A note from the producer...
    “I have been involved in the creation of therapeutic sound programs since 1986. During that time, I have produced audio programs that employ leading psychoacoustic techniques, including guided imagery with Louise L. Hay and Andrew Weil, MD; binaural beat frequencies with The Monroe Institute, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, and Anna Wise; and Tomatis-oriented filtration and gating (The Listening Program).
    “While working in collaborative teams and teaching professionals in the administration of these programs, I’ve learned that each method has it’s own distinctive portal and pathway to the nervous system. Surprisingly, there is a strong similarity in the final result. It appears that each method ultimately creates the state of focused awareness.
    “While I have the greatest respect for these different methodologies, and will employ them again, I’ve been intrigued by the concept of finding the essence - the homeopathic, if you will — of auditory-induced focused awareness. Just as we can be in awe of an exquisite performance by a 100-piece symphony, we can also have our breathes taken by a solo singer or instrumentalist. A different process seems to take place in the nervous system when we have copious amounts of data to interpret and when the load is lightened and the essence comes through like rarified air of a perfect temperature. This... is what I have attempted to create with Essential Sound.
    “Living in a time of extreme sensory over-stimulation, simple is sometimes better. It is a relief to many... and it is with this guiding principle that I’ve created these simple (but not simplistic) soundtracks. I wanted to create music that even the most overwrought can still find cracks through which to let it in... permitting the tones serve as a balm, a safe harbor, a warm blanket.
    “This concept of nutrient sound and simple sound merges and becomes an offering. You, our vitally important healthcare providers, will best determine the appropriate times and places to bring this vibrational succor to your charge.”
— Joshua Leeds
    San Francisco
    April, 2006
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