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    “I was very intrigued by my initial reaction to Uplifting-Solo Piano. In the aftermath of flu/pneumonia, I have been feeling very easily fatigued and a bit scattered. My body’s physical response to this music was an immediate ‘sigh of relief.’ I love the simple beauty of the music you have selected and arranged.”
— SM, Faber, VA
    “Listening to your Calm CD is better than any tranquilizer I have ever taken. Thank-you SO much...”
— TS, Manlius, NY
    “I first listened to the piano solo Calm adding one more piece each time, because I love the music so much I wanted to savor it. And I only listen to it when I can lie down to utterly concentrate and do justice to its calming effect. It reminds me of when I was little and my mother would tickle my back very slowly.”
— JB, Pt. Reyes, CA
    “I am thrilled to have these wonderful Essential Sound CDs. They certainly serve every situation I may find myself experiencing. They are delightful as well as therapeutic. I especially enjoy Energy. I am slowly recovering from hip surgery and a fracture. I find my energy lagging so often but when I first played Energy I discovered that soon I was feeling brisk and was searching for more activity and that has recurred every day. I start every morning with Energy and accomplish more in every way. I am very grateful to have this wonderful opportunity to make my life more vibrant. Thank you.”
— RG, Pacifica, CA
    “I never thought I would look forward to going to sleep again. I was so used to 3-4 hours of sleep a night. It hardly seemed worth the effort. Then you came into my life with your Sound Asleep recordings. Debussy’s Clair de lune works better than any sleeping pill I ever tried. Congratulations and thank you. I'm sure you’ve helped many people just as you have helped me to enjoy a good night’s sleep.”
— BL, Dewitt, NY
    “We played Calm for Adam on that first Monday morning. He hates Monday’s as a rule, because he has to separate from Mommy and Daddy and go to preschool. He likes his school, but it is hard for him. But that Monday, he was so happy and calm. Everything went smoothly, getting dressed, using the potty, eating breakfast, leaving the house, saying good-bye, all the normal struggles were gone! In fact, he was so relaxed, he asked to take a bath (at 7:30AM!). We were surprised, but of course we said ‘yes!’. Wow! The best was seeing him so happy.
    “Yesterday, I played Calm during the afternoon playgroup. Playgroup is 5 Mom’s and 7 kids under the age of three and a half. Normally, it is loud, kids cry and need time-outs or serious help with sharing toys. Yesterday went like magic. Adam shared all his toys, both the downstairs ones and the toys in his room. This is a big deal. He has never let any of the kids in his room. Just before I put the CD on, he was angry and breaking things!
    “Also, in the car, he recognized that the Energy CD was new music instantly. He immediately said, ‘What is that? Is that Mozart? I LIKE it!’ I wish I could buy these CDs for all the parents of young children that I know! Maybe I will!”
— SE, Belmont, CA
    “I wanted to let you know how very helpful and soothing your Uplifting CD has been to me in the past few weeks. I recently had an alarming neurological episode that was very scary both for me and for my family. In the weeks that it took to uncover that I was not facing an aneurysm, a brain tumor, or Multiple Sclerosis, we practically wore a hole in that CD. It was just what we all needed to stay clear-headed, optimistic, and calm. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful, healing music. I’m happy to say that I’m well on the road to recovery now, and your music was most definitely a help in that. It meant a great deal to all of us during a couple of very dark weeks.”
— AB, Half Moon Bay, CA
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