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Initial research and observation of the therapeutic effects of Essential Sound is currently taking place at the following clinics and hospitals. Research results will be posted as they are published. Join our Email List to receive notification when papers are posted and for new therapeutic product releases.
If you represent a clinic or educational institution and would like to be involved in future Essential Sound research, kindly contact Joshua Leeds.
Baptist Hospital East (Rehab Unit)
Louisville, KY
Director: Connie Gumlaw, RN

The Davis Center (Sound Therapies)
Rockaway, NJ
Director: Dorinne S. Davis MA, CCC-A, FAAA

INPP (Scotland)
Edinburgh, Scotland
Director: Sheila M. Dobie, OBE

New Visions
Faber, VA
Director: Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D

Pediatric Therapeutics
Chatham, NJ
Director: Sheila Allen, MA, OTR, BCP

Spitalul Euroclinic
Bucharest, Romania
Director: Radu Dop, MD
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