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The four recordings of Essential Sound Progressive Entrainment (ESPE) represent the first Essential Sound adaptations for specific therapeutic and educational uses.
The Progressive Entrainment series relies heavily upon the concept of entrainment, whereby our major body pulses (brainwaves, heart rate, and breath) speed-up or slow down to match a periodic external rhythm.
The music on ESPE recordings are meticulously re-sequenced in a progressive manner — either slowing down or speeding up. They have been designed for clinics (30-minute sequences) and classrooms (10-minute sequences).
During initial testing, it was found that progressively slowing tempos were extremely effective in working with children in neurodevelopmental therapy sessions. The music was an efficient tool to bring the child into a state of focused awareness, appropriate for the practitioner’s activity. The same result takes place in a surgical environment — a tense patient naturally slows down and releases anxiety with the seamless progression of slowing tempos.
Likewise, music that begins with slow, easily identifiable rhythmic pulses and simplified melodic structures that progressively increases tempo and complexity is of value in stimulating nervous system function.
While Essential Sound has been produced with all the expected ingredients (high production values, fine musicians, and exquisite compositions), the music is ultimately the carrier wave for refined psychoacoustic information. The greatest neurological value derives from the precise patterns and calculated rhythms within the musical context. Read more...
For the Clinic: Clinical Progressive Entrainment (2-CD set)
The Clinical PE series is designed for optimal flexibility and ease of use. No more fumbling around searching for the right track on multiple CDs while also attending to a patient’s needs. With ESPE CDs, your primary consideration is whether your client requires stimulation or de-stimulation of the major body pulses. This is facilitated not only with rhythm, but with degrees of composition and orchestration complexity. In addition to the choice of upward or downward tempo flow, there is also the choice of solo piano or ensemble. Each has its own benefit that simple experimentation will clarify.
Music is different for everyone and the wise soundworker becomes familiar with their repertoire. From this comes the instinct of what will beneficially serve the therapeutic environment. Music is a great adjunct to other modalities and the ESPE series is a unique addition to a beginner’s or experienced practitioner’s library.
Progressive Entrainment 1/Solo Piano (100->60 bpm; 60->100 bpm)
  • 1/2 hour track starting at 100 beats per minute progressing down to 60 bpm (the ideal relaxed heart rate).
  • 1/2 hour track starting at 60 beats per minute progressing up to 100 bpm.
Progressive Entrainment 2/Ensemble The same format as PE1 with ensemble performances replacing solo piano.
ESPE1-2 (2-CD set) Price: $29.98   Purchase
For the Classroom: Classroom Progressive Entrainment (2-CD set) includes six 10-minute tracks per album, each entraining from 100 bpm ->60 bpm.
The Classroom PE series is designed for the demanding transition times between the ‘outside’ and the classroom - the entrance of students from home, recess, lunch, etc., into the container of the classroom. With six 10-minute sequences per album (solo piano and/or ensemble), there are a dozen different sonic choices to find the processional that works best for your conscious learning environment.
Progressive Entrainment 7/Solo Piano — ESPE7
Progressive Entrainment 8/Ensemble — ESPE8
ESPE7-8 (2-CD set) Price: $29.98   Purchase
For a detailed overview on the therapeutic and educational applications of music and sound, we recommend The Power of Sound by Joshua Leeds, creator of Essential Sound. Additional books on psychoacoustics for healthcare and education professionals can be found at
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