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Apollo Chamber Ensemble
Apollo was the mythical Greek and Roman god with the charge for both music and medicine. Following in this tradition, the musicians of the Apollo Ensemble create ever more refined sonic applications for the enhancement of human function. Instrumentation varies per album and includes string quintet, woodwinds, harp and piano. Sumptuous recordings feature the timeless music of the western classical repertoire.
The musicians of Apollo Chamber Ensemble include:
Sound Asleep (2003)
Violin: Carol Kutsch, Marie Flexer
Viola: Eleanor Angel
Cello: Kris Yenney
Bass: Michael Taddei
Piano: Ric Louchard and Lisa Spector
Harp: Dan Levitan
Keyboards: Joshua Leeds
Binaural frequencies: Anna Wise
Calm (2004)
Piano: Lisa Spector
Oboe/English Horn: Barbara Midney
Cello: Sarah Fiene, Tanya Tomkins
Uplifting (2004)
Piano: Lisa Spector
Oboe/English Horn: Barbara Midney
Cello: Sarah Fiene, Tanya Tomkins
Energy (2005)
Piano: Lisa Spector
Flute: Viviana Guzman
Cello: Tanya Tomkins
Lisa SpectorLisa Spector, Pianist

Essential Sound proudly features Lisa Spector and her 9-foot Steinway. A Juilliard graduate, educator, and concert pianist, Lisa has won numerous national and international competitions. Her delightful musical artistry has charmed and delighted audiences around the world.

Anna Wise, Frequency Composer

As one of the premier artists in the field of frequency composition, Anna Wise uses her extensive knowledge of brainwave biofeedback to create binaural frequencies scores. As the protege of Maxwell Cade, she is the world’s leading authority on The Awakened Mind™ and EEG. Author of Awakening the Mind and The High Performance Mind, Anna has Diplomates in Neurotherapy and Peak Performance. Anna’s frequency work is featured on the two albums of Sound Asleep.

Joshua LeedsJoshua Leeds, Creative Director and Producer

Joshua Leeds is a music producer, sound researcher, and educator. He specializes in the field of psychoacoustics - the study of the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system. He is the author of The Power of Sound and Sonic Alchemy. His 30+ psychoacoustic soundtracks are used in clinics and classrooms around the world. Recent recordings include Essential Sound Series, The Listening Program, The Sound Health Series, and Sound Body Sound Mind with Andrew Weil, MD.

Resonant Forte (San Francisco, CA)

Resonant Forte specializes in psychoacoustic research and development. An international leader in application-specific media, RF programs enhance neurodevelopment, health and healing, stress reduction, sleep, productivity, and accelerated learning.
Further information: Resonant Forte
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