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Essential Sound Series
Complete 8-CD Set
Essential Sound Series SetEssential Sound/
Complete 8-CD Set

1. Sound Asleep (2 CDs)
2. Calm (2 CDs)
3. Uplifting (2 CDs)
4. Energy (2 CDs)

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The Essential Sound Series consists of four separate 2-CD sets, consisting of Sound Asleep, Calm, Uplifting and Energy. Purchases can be made by the individual set or in the money saving 8-CD series. Each CD is approximately 1-hour in length and available in CD format only.
The Complete 8-CD Set is an extraordinary archive of music for healing and wellness. There are 85 individual musical tracks — each selected, re-arranged, or re-orchestrated to facilitate optimum benefit. As with a library, every book is of individual value. The same holds true with each Essential Sound music track. Think of these albums as a box of fine chocolate. One or two pieces may be all that is necessary to induce relaxation or stimulate the nervous system.
Experiment… Essential Sound is good, organic, harmonic-rich sound. The only way one could hurt themselves would be to put the CDs between two slices of bread and eat them. Because there are no frequency additions or filtrations, contra-indications are not necessary. (Sound Asleep contains binaural frequencies — Please follow this link for further information.)
Essential Sound is based on progressive additions of harmonic and orchestral complexity. Put another way… on one end of the spectrum, the music is slow and simple — on the other end; the music is fast and complex. The purpose is to provide an easily accessed archive of beautiful, appealing soundtracks from which an individual or healthcare provider can facilitate deep relaxation or stimulation of the nervous system.
Sound Asleep      Calm        Uplifting         Energy   
(30-50 bpm)   (50-70 bpm)  (60-80 bpm)  (90-140 bpm)
Orchestral Density
Pattern Identification
—————— to ——————
—————— to ——————
—————— to ——————
—————— to ——————
Essential Sound has been produced with state-of-the-art production values. The award-winning musicians of the Apollo Chamber Ensemble are world-class and the composers are classical music’s finest. Added all together, the music of Essential Sound is absolutely delightful.
Ultimately however, it is not about the music. In a sense, the beauty of the music is an invitation, an inducement to listen. The music is the messenger… and the message is in the precise patterns and calculated rhythms and tones that resonate the body.
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Essential Sound Series
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