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The Simple Sound of Essential Sound
is Elegant and Effective.
Sound is a vital nutrient for the nervous system. When we are stressed or not well, the body’s ability to process sound is diminished.
Based on the groundbreaking psychoacoustic research of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (known as the “Einstein of the Ear”), Essential Sound is specially designed to trigger the recuperative process by providing harmonic-rich, simplified sound. This is welcome news for those with compromised immune or nervous systems, as well as anyone with a need for deep, restorative relaxation.
Essential Sound is successfully used by clinics and hospitals in America and Europe and has been proven to be an effective adjunct to other healing modalities. After twenty years of psychoacoustic research, I’ve come to the conclusion that specific beats per minute and the arrangement of progressive levels of harmonic complexity is primary in supporting the body’s natural healing ability.
We are deeply honored and grateful to Dr. Andrew Weil for his recognition of Essential Sound as an example of music that is beneficial for healthy aging and a vital life. Essential Sound can help you experience the power of your body’s natural healing abilities through music.
Included on this site are 45 sound samples and detailed information about the healing properties of music and sound. Listen and enjoy!
Joshua Leeds
Author, The Power of Sound and Sonic Alchemy
Producer, Essential Sound
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